Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Maybe its because its the first surf video I bought, or the just first one that really struck a chord with me, this has always been my #1 favorite surf movie. Lots of good videos since then, but Shelter more than any other really sums up my feelings for the surfing lifestyle.

I haven't watched in it quite a while (I have it on VHS, no VCR) but every time I hear Mason Jennings, White Buffalo, even old southern soul style music this pops into my head. It just seems to have a very original and different feel to it. It just fits me and who I am in surfing. It also makes me want to move to a ramshackle farm house somewhere, anywhere thats country and close to waves.

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Murf said...

I have it on DVD, watch it every couple of weeks. It's definitely one of my favorites. My daughter yells at me everytime she goes to watch HER dvds and it is left in. She KNOWS to handle with care though.