Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Damian Fulton

Surfline's portfolio series showcases influential and talented surf artists every month or so. The latest is Damian Fulton. His artwork illustrates the life of surfers in Southern California and particularly the aspect of being torn between the over-stimulated fast pace we are almost forced to follow just to get by.

"In my paintings, surfers compete with the barriers and ballyhoo that under any other circumstance would pummel a man into eventual submission, stifling his zeal, swallowing him up whole into lifes daily grind. The urban surfers are powerful, stoic figures, battling the elements, intrusions and vicissitudes of city life-My surfers brave all for the privilege of a saltwater baptism."

See his artwork here.

There's a lot of Surf artists that either just merge surfing experience with their fine art, and some who romanticize the art of surfing. Damian's paintings are a narrative of the surfing lifestyle most of us live on a day-to-day basis.

A couple of his pieces that 100% sum up the way I feel daily, one when I'm in the water and one when I'm out of the water.

"Left Behind"

"Epiphany on 4th and Broadway"

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