Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inner Kook

I'm a kook. At least I'm starting to realize I have a significant amount of kook-ness in my person. It may not be a bad thing, but I've come to realize that after years of looking down on all the non-surf-brand companies that mooch off of our lifestyle, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Who's to blame? My unborn son is the culprit here, I blame him.

Now don't get me wrong, I think Holister, American Eagle etc have been copying legitimate surf brands as the surfing lifestyle has become popular, they're not what I'm taking about. What I'm talking about is the Walmart, Target, and Big lots clothing emblazoned with "Surf Hawaii" and "Surf _______"(fill in the blank). Thankfully I've grown up and have gotten over the need to wear the "right" brand of clothing, but as I think about my son and prepare for his arrival, I can't help but buy things like the "Surfer Baby" sign in two posts previous and stickers like this for my cars.

I'm sure many of you are guilty of seeing stuff like this as kookish. I've always thought advertising "I surf" is a total Matthew McConaughyish thing to do. Having a kid on the way seems to have given me an outlet/excuse to buy all the cutesy surfer stuff with Hawaiian prints and surfboards on them.

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Lynn said...

It's great to meet someone who admits to having an inner kook!!! :) *hehe*

Have a great week!
- Kook