Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Morning

It feels like winning the jackpot when you get a good parking spot at SanO on a saturday morning. I had one of my two-waves-and-out pre-work sessions that have become the norm for me since becoming and adult(loosely speaking) with a family, mortage, and car payments etc. Its been a long dry winter, watching everyone else get the best swells of the year, but even just a quick session makes everything so much better. My two wave quota was well worth the time, got a couple great rides on my Pavel, sneaking wide-swinging set waves inside all the longboarders. Probably the best rides I've had since last summer.

No pics as my camera was a casualty of a big family Disneyland trip last month, but there were some beautiful waves coming in. I even saw a few midget-sized barrels on the inside! Beautiful day, now back to work...

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