Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back and badder than ever! (Warning Rant)

Yeah! Ok, maybe not badder than Michael Jackson (back in the day) but back nonetheless. Its been a rough couple months but I finally got out in the water yesterday. Longboarding to get my paddling muscles used to this strange motion they can't seem to remember. Caught a few fun waves at San-O and didn't look like a complete idiot so I'll call it a succesful session.

One thing did get me in a big way though. I was pulling out of the parking lot and a big red Dodge truck pulled out behind me. I made sure to move a little faster than normal coming out of the dirt where the bumps are, my car doesnt handle them well so I usually go really slow. I figured it'd be nice of me to make sure I didn't hold up the fellow surfer in the big red Dodge truck with San Onofre Surf Club license frames. Why am I going into such detail with describing his truck? Thats the only way I know him, and if any folks out there know who I'm talking about you can mention this post to him. Why do I care? He followed me out the the freeway as he was going up towards Orange County also. We barely get into traffic, he sticks his hand out of the window, cuts me off, and then for my troubles flips me off and speeds away! I've never used this blog to rant about anything or anyone, but this really bothered me.

You, mister big red Dodge dually with SanO surf club license plate frames, are everything thats wrong with surfing. Anytime, especially after I've been out in the water and I have a board sticking out the back of my car, make a point to be polite to my fellow wave-riders. Even if its a simple nod as you drive by. I moved here from North Carolina, where if you surf, snowboard, or skateboard theres an inherant comraderie among strangers becuase its a small community. Even when I moved to California, I've always expected surfers to treat one another with respect beyond that of normal politeness, as brothers and sisters who have the same values of common curtesy. Mr Red Dodge truck is an example of how mass-market lifestyle surfers have had a corrupting influence on our past-time. The lack of respect for someone who just pulled out of the same surf break as you is pretty low. Almost spoiled my session, almost.

There, I'm finished with my rant. Sorry for all innocents that had to put up with it. I know its pretty bad to have my first post after being gone so long have such a negative ring to it. And to Mr big red Dodge truck with SanO surf club license plate frames, please feel free to comment. Maybe you just have a bad habit of gesturing with your middle finger and that wasn't aimed at me. Let me know, I'm not to proud to retract my statement if your not to proud to comment.



Jack & Carolyn Hudkins said...

Yeah, Mr. Red Truck Dude is way amped on self importance. The Karmic Wheel will even out his acorn one day. Surfers, for the most part, have an great respect for one another, I sure do.

jack hudkins

tres_arboles said...

I'm bettin' dually-guy doesn't even have a tow hitch on that one-ton. All you have to think is, "Nice truck; sorry about your dick!"


Beach Bum said...

Been there dude. Stay a better man. Nice blog btw.

Danny said...

Thanks for the comments and compliments!