Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm over 2000 hits! Thanks to everyone who finds what I have to say worthwhile. There aare a ton of great surf blogs out there so its nice to be getting some traffic. Here's a list of my favorite bloggers that are much better than me!

SurfySurfy the original surf blog/drool inducer

Shakas and Singlefins the pic on this post is from him

70percent Just good stuff

Born to Lose surfing/shaping/family

Brownfish garage shaper/dad/surfer

KYScoast is able to use words when most of us need a picture

Headhighglassy a shaper with a story behind each board

Check out all the destinations to your right!


Ryan said...

dig the new logo for ur site man.

Danny said...

Thank you! Dig your photography!