Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Green Transportation

Finally! We've been waiting for the new clean diesels for a while and they're finally coming. EPA rates them at 29 city, 40 freeway, but unlike gas cars (including hybrids) diesels tend to get better than the rating if you drive it right. I talked with people who are averaging 50+ freeway! I beat the snot out of another demo around town and still averaged 33mpg. Its good to see some cars coming in that are good for the environment and still practical and fun to drive.

Greener-than-us Europe sells about 60% diesel cars so this is the way things are going. Unfortunatly VW only warranties up to B5 biodiesel, though you can fit it for up to B100. Still greener than a Hybrid once you factor in battery production & replacement.

Available in wagon form also for all the people and boards you could possibly want to throw in. They're not letting employees get them yet since availability is so low but when they are I'm probably going to be signing up!


Surfsister said...

I can't afford to buy a car any time soon, but I am definitely looking at getting a greener car on my next go-round. Does the wagon version of this car fit a 9'6" longboard inside?

Danny said...

Good question! I'll have to bring mine into the store and see...

Anonymous said...

I test drove this car last week. Very disappointing.
I own a 1998 Jetta TDI, and was hoping for something better. This car is worse than the older model. First, the engine is bigger and will be getting fewer MPGs. Second, no manual transmission! Third, VW still won't warranty the vehicle for more than B5. Ridiculous. They should go at least to B20. Maybe the sportwagen will be a better choice, but the sedan...sorry, I'm keeping my old TDI until is falls apart!

Danny said...

It actually comes standard with the 6-spd manual. No it doesn't get as good mileage as the old ones due largely to the extremely restrictive emissions regulations, the sticker says 29-40mpg but diesels tend to get 18% better than EPA numbers. I've spoken with people getting 50-55mpg on the freeway.

Maybe as biodiesel becomes more popular they'll come up with a warranty for something better than B5. We can hope at least!