Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ashton Kutcher and ? (warning, really dumb rant)

I want to know who to blame. I have realized that I am a trendsetter in disguise getting ripped off by the flippin mainstream fashionistas!

First it was the trucker hat. I've been wearing trucker hats religiously since I was about 3. First it was real trucker hats (my dad was a truck driver) then it moved on to 49ers hats, then Snowboard and surf companies. I decided I wanted an original John Deere hat back around 1996 I finally got one and a couple days later guess what... flippin Ashton Kutcher is there wearing a flippin John flippin Deere hat on TV! I think I got to wear it once, don't even know where it is now, I think I still have it but I'm not sure.

Fast forward to today, I've been a flannel man for years as well. I love plaid flannel shirts. I'm perusing Transworld Business at today and I see an interview with my old boss at Jacks Surf Shop. They're talking business and upcoming trends and what do I see?

“Flannel is big this year! [We’ve seen] a lot of flannels, a lot of hooded flannels..."

So now when I'm out wearing my 15 year-old flannel shirt (Eddie Bauer, they last forever!), people are just going to be looking at me saying, "yup everyones jumping on the flannel bandwagon"

Even Nike's jumping in

I want royalties or something...

For all of you who take these thing seriously... please don't.

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