Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Yesterday my beautiful pregnant wife and I went ot the beach to enjoy the perfect weather and small clean waves. A 45 minute wait to get into the parking area was well worth it. I broke out the longboard for some super-fun small wave shredding, well maybe not shredding but cruising is a good word. She hung out on the beach and read pregnancy books and I surfed until the rocks decided they didn't like my feet and took a nice chunk out of me. There was a guy out wearing booties and all I did was think about making fun of him for wearing booties on such a warm day and I got godsmacked for it. I apologise to the surf gods and mr bootie wearing guy, and also to the girl I snaked the wave from, I thought you going going left not right. I'm a kook.

My beautiful Hawaiian princess in full sun gear

Cruising, the guy behind me was trying to take off fin-forward. I did that once a couple years ago and the fin caught and wrenched my bad shoulder badly enough that I never want to try that again.

After I got my due for making fun of the guy in booties I sat on the beach and watched for a while.

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