Saturday, April 5, 2008

Suit, Tie, and Wetsuit

The Office, the wetsuit is hanging up outside

I had a customer the other day who noticed the surfboard in my office and mentioned what he thought was a funny story. He'd been at his beach house here in Carlsbad and had seen a surfer come runnning out of the water, quickly rinse off, throw on a shirt and tie, and drive away. My customer didn't surf himself, and though it was rather amusing that a surfer would have a shirt and tie sort of job. I almost thought he'd seen me, but I was at a different spot that morning. Southern California is one of the few spots, though they are growing, where a large portion of the professional white-collar work force actually surfs. Seriously or not, it does seem that everyone really does surf in some way here. Many people still think of surfers as beach bums and kids like its the 60's. I never thought I was the only one who did quick 2wavesandout sessions before work, but in the 6 years I've been here and even more often now that I have a family and mortage to worry about I've been the only one I see running out of the water as fast as I ran to it. Usually since I made myself late by waiting for that one more good wave to ride to the beach.

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