Saturday, May 24, 2008


I confess, I'm a poser. At least thats how I feel. Due to a job move I've been out of the water for almost a month. I've been busy, and things are going ok so I've been holding off the inevitable dry-dock bad attitude thus far. Plans for this weekend were to go to the beach with my Beautiful (my name for my wife) Sunday morning and just hang out, surf, have fun. Wetsand said bad surf and high winds, Surfline said bad surf and high winds, The weather channel and weatherbug said bad surf and high winds, onshore. With all this, I figured there's no extra loss in a change of plans so now we're not going to the beach on Sunday. Saturday is my normal surf day since my wife is still sleeping when I head out for work anyways so I just leave early, get a surf in and head to work. Of course, bad conditions so I didnt bother. Got to work a little early and decided to take a detour and look at the waves since the weather seemed kinda nice I wanted to see what it was like.
Chest-high, hardly any wind and fun looking! I'm officially crapped out surf-wise. I was almost ready to swim out and body surf in my work clothes! I can't take this much longer.

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