Monday, December 17, 2007

My Current Top 3

Taken from 70Percent, via Pinniped....

(Surf) Web Places to Check Every Day
1) Surfy Surfy
2) 7oPercent
3) Wetsand

Top 3 Surf tools
1) 6'2" Pavel Speeddialer
2) '69" Ukelele Drifter
3) 7'2" Harbor 70's gun

Places I wish were my local shop
1) Mollusk
2) The Greenroom
3) Wetsand

Things to watch on-line right now
1) Surfline North Shore Slideshows
2) YouTube
3) Joe Cartoon

Surf films I can’t Wait to see
1) Morning of the Earth
2) Displacement
3) Singlefin Yellow
4) Whatever Patagonia is going to do in the future.....Please?

People I would love have shape me a board
1) Danny Hess
2) Rich Pavel (again)
3) Malcom Campbell
4) Grain

Surfers Artisist of inspiration
1) Tyler Warren
2) Pinniped
3) Joe Curren


J.P. said...

According to your hit counter I am your 666th visitor, nice!

seamouse said...

I feel pretty flattered being sandwiched between tyler warren and Joe curren!

Danny said...

Thanks JP! I'm movin up, c'mon 1000!

Seamouse, I just love line art, My favorite is the milton glaser design

twinfin said...

Looks like you dig the goodness in the woodness.. you should check out ninelights

Jeff is a rad dude and makes some boards that work very well..

Danny said...

I am a fan of wood. The craftsmanship and artistic quality speaks more to the true surifng experience more than just foam and fiberglass. I havent ridden one yet, but I'm looking forward to the glide of a board with a little more substance.